It normally takes at least 6 months from your initial enquiry to go through the approval process. But it’s worth it, and the journey is a valuable one.

Who Can Apply?

We recruit carers from a wide range of backgrounds. Difference is important to us so that we can make the right match between child and family. There are certain criteria that need to be met, such as the requirement to have a spare room. They vary slightly depending on the type of care so please do familiarise yourself with the details. We can’t proceed with an application until we know that you meet the criteria for the type of care that you are interested in.

The Approval Process

Stage 1: Initial Enquiry

  • You may choose to contact our team and clarify anything
    you aren’t clear on regarding criteria and the type of care
    you are interested in.
  • You complete an initial enquiry form and a home visit is
    arranged which is carried out by a member of our team.
  • A recommendation is made to proceed to preparation stage.

Stage 2: Preparation

  • You attend preparation groups (two/three days held at the
    Children’s Carers’ Centre in Airdrie).
  • The post preparation group interview is carried out.
  • A recommendation is made regarding progression to the assessment
    stage and you are invited to complete an application.

Stage 3: Assessment

  • You complete your application.
  • A social worker is allocated to complete the assessment which
    includes home visits, references, medical and statutory checks
    (this takes approximately 6 months).
  • A recommendation is made to approve you as a foster carer or
    adoptive parent.

Stage 4: Approval

  • Your assessment is presented to the Adoption, Fostering and
    Family Placement Panel.
  • A recommendation is made by the panel to approve you as a children’s carer or adoptive parent and you will be invited to
    be present at this discussion.
  • The Agency Decision Maker agrees with the recommendation and you are approved as a carer or adoptive parent.
  • Where an application has not been approved, you can ask that the decision be reviewed.

Stage 5: Link work support

  • A link worker is allocated to you from the Children’s Carers Team to  provide support, guidance and assistance.
  • We will provide ongoing training to help you develop your skills.
  • We offer support groups in the evenings and during weekdays.

Stage 6: Post adoption support (where required)

  • Adoption order granted.
  • A post adoption support plan for you and the child is agreed.
  • A link worker will provide support to you until you no longer need it.