Supporting A Care Leaver

Providing accommodation and support for young people over 16 who are leaving our care

Supporting A Care Leaver

About Supported Care

Care leavers are often vulnerable and lacking in some of the basic skills needed to cope with living independently. Supported carers can provide that important bridge between care and independence increasing the chances of young people moving on successfully.

So as well as providing a home, we are looking for people who can assist the young person in developing skills to promote independence such as budgeting, cooking, washing etc. You will also need to support them in applying for or sustaining work, training or further education. At times the young person may need guidance to help them manage their relationships with friends and family.

Our Ask

We are looking for families, couples or single people who have a room to spare and time to support a young person while they develop independent living skills.

The Assessment

  • visits to your home
  • individual interviews
  • statutory checks including health, and police
  • references from people who know you including a family member
  • reference from any previous significant partner and an employee reference where appropriate

Supporting You

You will have regular contact with our trained support worker in the form of home visits and frequent phone calls. You will be invited to attend training events covering relevant issues. These events also provide the opportunity to meet with other supported carers and share experiences.

We will provide a weekly allowance to cover the day to day expenses of caring for a young person and in recognition of your role and contribution as a supported carer.